Posted on February 22, 2009
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90 responses to “PIA Ban on Beards: Leave My Facial Hair Alone!”

  1. UllulAmar says:

    Beardless in Islam says:
    March 5th, 2009 11:22 am

    This is a stupid move by PIA.

    I don

  2. Beardless in Islam says:

    This is a stupid move by PIA.

    I don’t think God is going to gauge people on how much hair they have on their face (otherwise heaven would be full of bears) and certainl business does not care either.

    Given people good service and you will have a good company, beard or no beard.
    Be a decent human being and God will be happy with you, beard or no beard.

    And if you can’t give good service or be a good person then all the hair on your face will do you no good. It will only give you ticks and an itch!

  3. asfi says:

    Corrected comments: Dear all, this is the problem of

  4. Wahab says:

    Bad move by PIA. PIA’s real problems are very different and much more deep. It should focus on that.

  5. Asim says:


    Please correct me if I am wrong. My understanding of what you are saying is that some malang from some sufi’s shirine or some mullah who moves back and forth reciting Quran half the day and most likely not understanding a word or come up with its own meaning that is not acceptable to majority of the society he/she lives is equal and just as important as some engineer who builds buildings, bridges etc or a surgeon who went through years of hardship to be where he is now and help many others while earning decent living?

    Going back to the original topic, I firmly believe that everyone should do their job honestly and follow current fashions/trends to look their best specially when they are in a position to represent their organization/country.