Posted on March 5, 2009
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53 responses to “Rehman Baba’s Mausoleum in Peshawar Blown Up”

  1. Abasin says:

    First of all, i have nothing against Pakistan, but we Pakhtuns wants our rights to life toghter with our brothers, from Afghanistan and Pakhtunistan.

    Where are you talking about..? from where comes Pakistaniat, are you sometimes stol it from Afghaniat..? Pakhtunistan is not Pakistan and would never be! it is not Rehman Baba but Rahman Baba. He is Pakhtun and not Pakistani !!! Like Khoshal Baba (Khoshal Khan Khattak, The Afghan Warrior Poet) saids, Pull out your sword and slay any one, that says Pakhtun and Afghan are not one!
    Arabs know this and so do Romans: Afghans are Pashtuns, Pashtuns are Afghans!

    is your isi now bomming our famous peoples tombs. Rember this for your life!!!, May God Safe Us from the fire Of Dragon , Poison Of Cobra And The Revenge Of Afghans.

  2. Lutful Islam says:

    Those who desecrated his tomb were given burial places around Rahman Babas tomb.. I wonder if this is their punishment or maybe the only chance to find forgiveness. mohmand_commander_rh.shtml

  3. Neena says:

    The commentator at another site made a very valid observation, but can any of us especially, resourceful immigrants stop it from happening?

    A part of the equation that is missed when talking about Pakistan is the drug mafia. The Taliban elements of the north west have certain alternative means of funding, now that they have become more tolerant of the poppy cultivators. The international illegal drug trade is worth 8 billion dollars, and most of the illegal poppies come from the frontier areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    The global drug mafia has no organized presence to carry out a wholesome war, but it can very much inflict terrorist attacks and hold a country for ransom. This has happened in Mexico, Colombia and certain other South American countries in the past. To prevent his extradition to the USA, a drug mafia-lord in Colombia has conducted a series of regular bomb explosions to terrorize the population.

    The way these fundamentalists in NWFP of Pakistan inflict terror : murdering artists, politicians and bombing girls schools, and most pertinently : murdering journalists who are taking a neutral position and are just providing a coverage of events : indicate they have links to the underworld. Some of the acts of these fundamentalists are even against hardline Islam : digging up graves and hoisting the dead-bodies in public is not in Islamic custom. However, such gruesome acts were done by the drug mafia to terrorize the locals in other areas of the world.