Posted on May 1, 2009
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26 responses to “Labor Day: Yeh bacha kis ka bacha hai

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    I am Mazdoor

    I am Mazdoor
    And I have audacity of hope
    Until I make my brother understand
    That the land of Jinnah is abode
    of equity and justice and more.
    Equity (equity)
    Justice (justice)

    Thank you Helen Reddy for inspiration.

    There are two responses of Pakistani origin to the injustice to the mazdoor. First is the famous “anthem of the gharib” of the Great Allama, “uTho meri dunYa kay ghariBoon ko jaGa do”. This, while stirring, has an extreme prescription. I personally think the Great Allama is not prescribing but brings attention to proscribe. An outcome to avoid at all costs.

    The other is that of Faiz, “hum daKhay gay”. This accepts the present and postpones the response for another Day.

    But can work today to make this a better world?


    And for that we turn to Jinnah as expressed in words of Jagan Nath Azad.

    Daulat hai apne mulk key bay’hudd-o-bay’hisaab
    Hon’gay hum aapp mulk key daulat say faiz’yaab

    The country’s wealth unlimited and boundless
    We will all be blessed by the wealth

    I have the audacity of hope, with fierece urgency of now!