Posted on May 19, 2009
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37 responses to “Economy Review: The Good News from Pakistan”

  1. Anwer says:

    I feel Pakistan is the greatest place in the world and above all its our Mother Land. This mother land will remain the same until and unless we all become serious to make a difference everyday.

    I belong to no party, I feel Mr. Zardari could be a blessing in disguise and if he really want and put his foot down can change the table around.

    Also we have to give democracy a chance to grow. Democracy is going through its tender age but surely it will mature with due course of time.

    Love you Pakistan


  2. Nasir says:

    Pakistan economy is one of the best economy in the world. It has more potential to grow and expand the size of economy, if it is given right direction. Pakistan is on 17th position of world economy in term of punching power and has the strength of 2% grow in fy 2010, which enables it to emerge in world’s fast economy.