Posted on June 14, 2009
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19 responses to “ATP Poll Results: Grading Our Leaders”

  1. Baba Jee says:

    these people are not worth your attention… lest your rateing them ..they are the worst flock this country has ever seen ….

    if you want to call them leaders that is your call…not mine or any fairminded Pakistani’s.

  2. FAUZIA says:

    Very good poll. Excellent question and made me rethink how I evaluate these men. I think the grades are also fair.

  3. I would say spot on to the poll.. Iftikhar Chaudry: well alot was promised and as off yet, we are yet to see some credible action. especially on laws such as the NRO

  4. ARSHAD says:

    The best thing happening today is that the military is not interfering. If Zardari can finish his tenure without military achievement that would itself make him much more successful than everyone before him.