Posted on June 16, 2009
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46 responses to “Pervez Hoodbhoy on Pakistan’s Future”

  1. Saleem says:

    @Dr. Shafiq
    Your comments are typical of insanity prevailing in streets of Pakistan. The same insanity and limbo that has led Pakistan to current situation. In your right mind , do you believe that writer will visit every forum and respond to everyone POINT by POINT. HAVE EVEN A SHRED OF LOGICAL THINKING LEFT IN YOU. The useless rants are responded below and are my personal opinion, do not let the mullah make you believe that CIA is responding to you !
    1) What has islamic sharia got to do with democracy ?
    2) Do you have any sympathy for countless murdered by mullah fanatics and thousands kidnapped for ransom. How would YOU FEEL if your loved one is kidnapped by mullah brigade and than slaughtered while being filmed ????
    3) Can you justify mercenaries sitting in Pakistan and simply claiming attack on US or France or Denmark ? Have you seen this happening in any other country ? Do you EVEN have a sense to understand that muslims are MORE FREE TO PRACTICE ISLAM IN US THAN IN PAKISTAN !!!
    4) The way mullah are coming out in name of affia siddiqui makes me suspicious about her. These mullahs who will burn anyones shop on heresy or simply kill people in name of correct or incorrect practise of islam can not defend a human life unless they have a purpose. Go to wikipedia and read about your mother teresa afia siddiqui. A divorced lady who ran to Afghanistan ! Whats so divine about this lady that people like you who favor killing of millions in hand of mullah brigade are standing up for this single lady ?
    5) I am not sure if you have visited Guantanamo bay and seen the atrocities first hand or just believe in what your mullah told you about the place. From the atrocities I have heard from the mullah , it is much milder version of our jails or the torture cells operated by jihadi idiots.
    6) Do you disagree that sufi mohammad was ageing or do you think he had a phd in suicidology ?

    Once again I repeat , your rants are typical of Pakistani mullah minority, the same rants which is bringing down Pakistan !


    dear mr pervaiz , u have given a very biased analysis of the whole situation , i would like u to answer few of these questions . u think islamic sharia is better then democracy ? If yes , then isn t it possible to make a law against islam via democracy?surely it is possible , then how can u call it better ? u have any sympathy for the families of muslims in northren pakistan and afghanistan , who were murdered and disgraced by ur american friends , how would u feel if u were born in waziristan and ur family would have died in a drone attack ?

    3.can u justify war on terror by USA ? surely not , then how can u justify Pakistan as an ally of USA ?How can u justify pakistan prividing air support and air ports for attacks on muslims ! how can u justify pakistan providing upto 70% of NATO troops supply line ?

    4.Kindly write some thing about afia siddique , amil kansi and raymond davis , may be a comparasion of them !

    5.i would like to you to justify gauntanamo bay atrocities by USA. this article u just wrote ageing illetrate sufi Mohammad ! do u think u have the right to use such insulting comments against any one !

    I know this would have bothered you , but i will appreciate if u talk about all this and include it in this article .Kindly answer every question one by one.