Posted on June 20, 2009
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21 responses to “Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi”

  1. Dear Lovers of URDU Language and Dear Lovers of URDU Literature !
    You will be pleased to note that after the two Important ADABI/LITERARY JASNS in DUBAI :-

    “”Jahsn e Mushatq Ahmed Yousufi”” fi/index.html

    Saghier Ahmed Jafri x.html

    “”Jashn e Farahat Parveen”” at_dubai/index.html ,

    there will be another JASHN :-

    “”JASHN e AYUB KHAWAR , Presentation of Urdu Manzil Adabi/Literary Award to Ayub Khawar from Pakistan for his grand services for Urdu language and Urdu literature and Aalmi/ International Mushairah (Pakistani,American,Indian URDU poets,writers)in honor of Ayub”” in Bur Dubai Al Ibrahimi Restaurant on 25th. March , 2010 at 8 pm. tml

    The President of the Grand Jashn e Ayub Khawer will be Renowned writer,poetess Farhat Parveen from USA and Compere will be Renowned poetess,writer,journalist,editor Sabiha Saba who lives in the UAE and the organizers are Saghier Jafri , Sabiha Saba (Editor & Chief Editor of World’s Largest URDU website : Urdu Manzil :