Posted on July 1, 2009
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23 responses to “Shafeeq-ur-Rahman: Humorist Par Excellence”

  1. Hussain Usmani says:

    What a delightful read this is. Thank you.

  2. zuriat says:

    Wah .. what a writer…shahifur rehman ko kaun nahi janta, woh nahi janta jo hansana nahi janta

    haquumat aapa muskurain or suraj gharoob ho gia, aaj bhi shafeeq ur rehman sb ko parho tau yun lagta hein 1942 ki baat nahi aaj ki baat ho rahi hei.. blue danub, couple dance, club, cafe , billiord, wah what a writter, but in real life in ki life bohat tragic thi, his youngest son died in a road accident, his elder son committed suiside

  3. Adnan Saheb
    Bahot khoob tarjuma hai. Neeli jheel ka. The original flare is mostly preserved.
    I remember and like most the article, ‘Barsaati” in which romance and serious philosophy all in light humorous style are of the highest standard. The way the stains (dhabbe) on the barsaati are lovingly preserved.