Posted on July 9, 2009
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19 responses to “What Do You Think When You See This Picture?”

  1. Humanoid says:

    The flowing water symbolise the life, which goes on…..

    The boy crossing the bridge depict hope amid many hardships, but his strong legs and balance show resilence and a power that will help him in not failing.

    The sun setting in this scenario tells me that its going to bring another dawn, brighter more harsher than before, but it will be faced. His concentration on the bridge shows he will try hard!

  2. Voyageur says:

    Nice picture!
    ‘The boy is balanced and he is going to make it’. This fact symbolizes that situation under control. Alhamdolillah the displaced brothers and sisters have started the journey back to their homes. Even though, we should be happy for people of Buner and Swat but we are not done yet!
    Yesterday, I have heard about the Taliban activities similar to those in Malakand, in Southern parts of Punjab & Northern Balochistan. Its alarming & irritating. How further we need to go to complete the mission ‘clean up’?

  3. Ahmad says:

    Dear Brothers & Sister,

    Being a Muslim we believe that Allah test those peoples whose are near and beloved to him. In 1947 our forefather had been tested and they got there aim now called hero of the nation. Now its our turn. What will we be called

  4. Anonymousss says:

    Nishaan yehi hai zamanay main zinda qadmon ka
    Kay subh-o-shaam badalti hain un ki tadqeerain