Posted on August 7, 2009
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53 responses to “Baitullah Mehsud: A Profile”

  1. Mark says:

    Does anyone know the name of the second wife of Baitullah Mehsud, daughter of Maulana Ikramuddin? It seems to me that, regardless of one’s sympathies, she deserves to be named.

  2. Khanzada says:

    The younger Bait-ullah looks entirely different than the older one specially the jaw line and the eyes. He is surely dead but we are still waiting for a ‘change’ yet. The new leader of TTP Hakim ullah Mehsood is more evil than the last one I think.. The bottom line is if we want to get rid of them then we have to concentrate on the causes of this evil itself plus the factors that nurture their ideology and fighting capibilities like illitracy, our foreign policies, our weak intelligence, weapon smuggling, loss of innocent lives in drone attacks, illegal financial netwroks which support them, madrassas that are spreading a false message of Islam and totally misguiding its students … Its just a short list, there is so much more to do…
    As I am writing these lines, suddenly I realise that will we or our government ever try to cut the roots rather than the breanches??

  3. Nadia says:

    @ Pakistani,
    Calm down!! You don’t have the right to judge and label me or other peolpe only because you did not find my posts condemning the horrible and unhuman acts of Taliban and their allies.
    I only condemned the fact that we all have become so “used to” to these drone attacks that we really ignore the loss of innocent lives in the tribal area. How narrow minded you are in your thoughts that you assumed me a ‘family friend’ of Bait- ullah- Mehsood and Taliban (wow) just because I talked about his wife and other innocents being killed in that area who are as much Pakistanis as you and me are??!! Most of Pakistanis like me, condemn this insanity going on in our country on the name of religion and war of terrorism. This situation divided us as a nation more than ever, thatswhy people like you judge other people and take them as pro-taliban if we talk about the loss of those who are facing the violence by Taliban, security forces and the U.S, neglecting the fact that they are the one who are on the front line, they are the one who are sacrificing the most as compared to the rest of Pakistan. I raised my voice for them because somebody should remember their sacrifices when commenting on such articles. It made me feel that we are simply forgetting them. By the way isn’t it true that these drone attacks are for poor tribal belt only not for big cities because some ‘holy’ peolpe live there who rule this country. Will they not do something if U.S starts attacking Peshwar, Islamabad or Lahore? After all Pro-Taliban policies are made in Islamabad, Lal-masjid is situated in Islamabad, Lahore and southern Punjab are being used as base camps for Panjabi Taliban & Lashkar-e-taiba and Karachi is still the biggest financial source for Talibans and their allies. Do you ever think that what do those tribal area people feel about us when we only mourn for the loss of people being killed in bigger cities and not for them?