Posted on August 13, 2009
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30 responses to “Azadi: It Is A Journey, Not a Destination”

  1. Great article its very difficult to get freedom its a journey to make and establish a country and that journey is still continue.

  2. Me Never Ever says:

    beautiful post happy independence day to all Pakistanis home and abroad
    here is little gift from our Chines friend

    chinese girl sings pakistan national anthem (quami tarana)

  3. adeel says:

    Thank you Watan Aziz (yet again!) for your comment. You certainly know how to put things in perspective. I feel good already (^_^)

  4. Riaz Haq says:

    Along the road to Azadi that you describe as a journey, do you suggest any milestones other than the return/rehab of the IDPs ? How about freedom from illiteracy, poverty, hunger, sickness, lack of basic sanitation? What do do you think about the freedom of the rural poor who remain enslaved by the feudal lords whose land they live on? What options do they have? Any ideas about how the sham democracy led by feudal lords can be made into a real democracy that is responsive to the needs of the people? How about improved governance to deliver results on the ground for the people who elected this government? How about solution to the basic issues of roti, bijli and paani?

  5. Khawaja Aleem says:

    Azadi mubarak. You are right, this is a constant journey. And we have to be constantly working to make sure that the great gift given to us as a nation is never lost.

    Must say, reading this made me feel proud and patriotic and also with urge to do something. You made us feel more alive by writing this.