Posted on August 13, 2009
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10 responses to “Reforms Announced for FATA on Independence Day”

  1. Riaz Haq says:

    Rather than just allow political parties to operate in the hope of peace and progress, any reform effort requires a understanding on what changed in FATA that changed it from a relatively peaceful area to the hub of Jihad and increasing violence in a few decades.

    The joint American-Pakistani-Saudi inspired “Jihad” against the Soviet Union in the 1980s fundamentally altered the power structure and governance in FATA. During this period, two new groups emerged to subvert the the traditional model: Military commanders and Mullahs. The military commanders who led the fight against the Soviets became increasingly more powerful and influential because of their leadership abilities and competence as fighters and organizers. The mullahs, who were marginalized and ridiculed before the “Jihad”, rose in status and influence because of the religious inspiration they provided for “Jihad”. The power of the commanders and the mullahs was also bolstered by the large amount of funding from US, Saudi and Pakistani sources that they received and controlled in this period. The political agents and the maliks are no longer unchallenged as the de facto power brokers in FATA. The power is now more diffused. Can the power and authority of PAs and maliks be restored? If not, what needs to replace it and how?

  2. Anver says:

    Daily Times, August 14, 2009

    ANP rejects amendments to FCR

    * Zardari phones Asfandyar, discusses changes

    By Muhammad Bilal and Iqbal Khattak

    ISLAMABAD/PESHAWAR: The Awami National Party (ANP) on Thursday rejected the amendments made by President Asif Ali Zardari to the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR.)

  3. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “thts grt.%”
    – “i wish it will be goood 4 pakistan”
    – “i didnt understand what is the benefit of this??”
    – “Ameen”
    – “long live pakistan”
    – “about time”
    – “People in Parachinar observed Pakistan Day as Black day for the first time in 63 years. This was as a result of Pakistan’s criminal negligence over the humanitarian crisis in Parachinar.”
    – “I surely need to read more about it to catch up but… wasn’t it an announcement of only party-political activities? How about policing and law & order? How about taxing? Authority of federal legislature i.e. NA and Senate?

    I don’t wanna sound sceptical on Pakistan’s independence day but this could back-fire if we keep serving half-baked solutions and even those without the consent of all local stakeholders. Above all, this one man show (President/Governor’s authority) has to be replaced by the collective wisdom of at least the regional public representatives.”

  4. Irshad Ali says:

    But how can we trust Pakistan who did nothing to relieve her kids in Parachinar for more than 2 years.

    Yes the people today observed black day instead of independence day or Pakistan day

  5. Mohsin Irshad says:

    Congratulations to people of FATA , at last government of Pakistan has started considering them as Pakistani citizens. I hope next move will be to integrate FATA with Paktunkhaw or make it new province