Posted on September 30, 2009
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15 responses to “Eating Naan at the Taliban”

  1. Momin ansari says:

    In Malaysia — yes Food is very Cheap and always fresh and Delicious i spend 6 Months there and tasted almost every Local dish … But the most memorable one for me is the Pakistani Chapli Kabab and Karhai at MASJID JAMIK … Chapli Kabab with One Big Nan Only 3RM … … Then i remember Coconut Chutni at Meru …and Cocont Curry Cooked in Palm Oil. with Nasi (Rice)…Malaysian’s are fond of eating Fried Rices …

    some fried rices name as.

    Nasi Goreng Ayam
    Nasi Lempak
    Nasi goreng pattaya
    Nasi kandar
    Nasi Campur
    Nasi Padang

    Malaysian Food at its Best..

  2. Daud says:


    Still not sure that if this has nothing to do with Taliban as we know them, then what is teh meaning of Taliban in this name?

  3. Binna says:

    What a great find.

    Both for the photos and for the naan.

    Strange world indeed. But worth it if the naan was really as good as you say!

  4. Razi says:

    Aslam: You are so right….nothing beats the taste of garam garam Naan/Tandoor Ki Roti right out of the Tandoor (has to be wrapped in a newspaper). Whenever I was asked to run out to the Tandoor and get the roti….I would make sure I would order one extra so that by the I walked back home, there was at least half a roti additional left rather than half a roti missing from the original order :)

    Miss those since I moved to the US…