Posted on October 1, 2009
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34 responses to “Shrink the Army, Expand the Police”

  1. Zaib Ali says:

    And yes by shrinking the army our borders will also get shrinked! that would cool nah?

  2. Zaib Ali says:

    Thats a Quranic verse that i wrote about earlier and i did not meant we should buy horses but thats the order of our God in Quran and we should be ready for any of the external attack made on us. And use your senses Ghulam there were no tanks 1400 years ago when Quran was sent to this earth!

  3. Ghulam Ali says:

    Zaib Ali is right. We should destroy our tanks and buy lots and lots of horses!!!!!

  4. Zaib Ali says:

    We can not shrink our army at all! Its in Holy Quran that keep your arms and horses ready but i agree we should pay attention to our Police but first we have to take out the bad guys from the department. Whatever we spend on this department such guys are not going to let it work properly and are always going to act as hurdle for other right honest people to work properly….