Posted on October 7, 2009
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97 responses to “Text of the Final Version of the Kerry-Lugar Bill: Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009”

  1. Chuck Kottke says:

    From the heart,
    When I see the images of the flooding, the desperation of those in need, I see someone just like myself or my neighbor who needs help. We are seeing some serious flooding here in my state right now, and it hits home. I want to help, and my country has the means to help.
    And I ponder why things are the way they are – because of history, the way trade deals have favored the countries in the north, and the need for there to be a better start for people in Pakistan. With better engineering, most of the flooding can be controlled into wetlands designed to take the excess waters. Better built dikes and levees make these disasters less likely and less harmful to people living in the riverfront areas, and moving communities to higher ground – even if it is built up with earth movers – is a very sensible way forward. And it has been a problem here as well – as everyone knows with the floods along the Mississippi River, New Orleans and the gulf coast.
    The frustrations from lack of good jobs and lack of access to education creates conditions where extremists find easy recruits, and wind up harming innocent people – a tragic set of circumstances that doesn’t have to happen. That is a human thing, regardless of country – you can find the same forces at work in America as in Pakistan, and the answer is greater economic stimulus, education, and sound equitable governance – all the checks and balances in place. If we put our resources into improving opportunity, the prosperity that follows pays dividends in ways no accounting can see – in the happiness in people’s lives, in the ability of all people to have meaningful lives and work without the constant fear of loosing one’s life and livelihood to floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. It is what any feeling & thinking person wants, and all I want if for those who are helped to live better lives, and they in kind can help others in need – roll it forward, share the love and compassion when the need arises. I have been helped when I was in need, and I have helped a friend in need recently – it is our shared humanity that binds us together in this world.

  2. Chuck Kottke says:

    Correction – I meant to say I was in agreement with Aisha.