Posted on October 9, 2009
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34 responses to “Enemies of Pakistan Strike Again. 49 Pakistanis Die.”

  1. AHR says:

    This weekend’s dramatic attack on the army headquarters in Rawalpindi, the military center of Pakistan, underscores the volatility and fragility of politics in the world’s second largest Muslim country. The Taliban attackers demonstrated that despite losing the campaign in the Swat Valley this summer, they retain the capacity for terror in the heart of Pakistan – striking, in effect, into the Pentagon of Pakistan. And the attack, which left 16 dead, will almost certainly revive concerns about the capacity of the Pakistani army to protect its nuclear arsenal. If the Taliban can get into army headquarters, where else might it strike next? e-next-nuclear-nightmare/

  2. Mubashir says:

    Really hurting

    May be you will be the next one to be carried away in same manner under same circumstatnces. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY save us from these terrorists and shower His guidance to these people.

  3. Sajjad Memon says:

    Bad and we just feel like we are gettign use to it. We should start looking at both sides of our home as who is living there. a campaign should be launched to make this awareness. these people take places for rent for planning this bloody game. please lets invest some time on it to find out about people around you.

  4. amina khan says:

    May be God have forgotten us …………….he doesn’t hear the cry of our people…………….my feeling have died