Posted on October 30, 2009
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22 responses to “Technology and Science in Pakistan”

  1. Majid says:

    and regarding this Indian Phenomena; well this is a problem with Pakistani researchers and teachers. If their bag comprise one book only, it must be an Indian book!
    Unfortunately I could never developed the interest to read an Indian book. Rather American books proved my companions in all the good and bad. They are still my mentor.
    Even there are good books from Pakistani authors which I love but certainly NO INDIAN BOOK please and rarely any EU or UK origin book.

  2. Majid says:

    Best piece I read from a Pakistani on Science and Technology after my graduation in Physics 5 years back.
    This is an “engineer biased” article which I was not expecting from a “technology person” who has been head of a big technology organization. The differentiation which you provided btw scientists and engineers is usually provided by fresh graduates or university students. Look at the top defense companies websites of the world and see where they keep scientists and engineers. They will never get biased btw scientists and engineers. Look at Qinetic, look at Sharp labs Europe, look at dsdw and many many more. More than 50% comprise physicists and remaining 50% other engineers. GE has a job opportunity for “sales manager” having a degree in either “sciences” or “engineering”. Check out any international “engineering” organization and see there career advertisement and see how differently (if any) they treat people with science background and engineering back ground.
    It would be interesting for you to know that in Finland Physicists are awarded with an engineering degree and they are called engineers. Nokia comprise a “reasonable” amount of physicists.
    At one place you are saying technology people are ahead and at second place you are praising mathematician and accepting your organization’s lack in achieving the goal due to lack of good mathematicians. You must know that mathematicians come into the category of scientists. As a side note good thing with physicists is that they can replace mathemticians as well as engineers. But engineers can not replace mathematicians although in many cases they are able to replace physicists. You said that due to SnT our ministry is not productive which it could be in case of TnS. I think you forgot Dr. Samar Mubarkmand whose brainchild is NDC and many other organizations which employ a lot of engineers besides scientists and which has done some remarkable jobs for Pakistan. Dr. Samar is a physics graduate and then a physics PhD. Where would you like to put DR. AQ Khan? An engineer or a scientist? He is physics graduate further specialization in metallurgy.
    But your “central idea” of this article is correct that “we are not manufacturing high tech products”. Let me say “we are not manufacturing any type of products except fertilizers”. Our manufacturing capabilities are miserable and if we exclude china out of the picture, we would stand no where!
    The only good thing (or one of the few good things) in Pakistani Government is that we are still giving scientists a proper place which our pvt sector is not doing.
    The problem is something else and solution is something else. Yes you are right that we need to start high tech manufacturing in Pakistan because we have all the necessary facilities for that but question is who will manufacture them? Unfortunately we have not that talent who can independently think and can put what is on paper into physical condition.
    I had written an article not exactly similar to this but if it would be published you would find very interesting facts and figures. It was published in an ezine but now this website is not working otherwise I must provide you the link.