Posted on November 3, 2009
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30 responses to “Rules of a Street Cricket Tournament”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    By the way, i checked Nitto tape’s price in Singapore yesterday. While Chinese vinyl tapes are available for less than a dollar, Nitto brand cost was more than $8.

    I ended up wrapping Chinese vinyl on tennis ball for our game.

  2. Nick Matyas says:

    Really good !!!

    i enjoy it !!!

    Good post !!!! very good blog . nice article.i like that.

  3. AdeelJ says:

    its like a constitution for tape ball cricket :D
    a PCO drafted and enforced by K-2 bhai

  4. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “hehehe”
    – “dats the fun cricket….playing on the top of house and on roads has ite own charm…”
    – “hahha”
    – “lolz…”
    – “lolz …. : )”
    – “awesome! lol”
    – “Awsome! LOL =D”
    – “lolz…pakistaniyaat..”
    – “Grrrrrr8!”
    – “thanx to remind me some good days :)”
    – “nice its really nice to play street cricket…its all abt fun…”

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    Razi, we also palyed with a brick or a stone as wicket on non-striker’s end. It was convenient because it allowed the street traffic to drive over the brick or stone and we didn;t have to remove two wickets for larger traffic.