Posted on November 5, 2009
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15 responses to “Afaq’s Struggles for Justice”

  1. Khawar says:

    Not bad!

  2. munib says:

    ” ‘indigenous audacity of hope ” yeah !! that pretty much summarize it

  3. Shirjeel says:

    While many are commenting and commending the valour of Afaq for picking the live shell and throwing back to its source, I would also like to praise the photographer for his expert and timely capturing of this ‘telling’ moment in our history.

    Yes, we cannot ignore, downplay or minimize the importance of the “lawyers” protest which on the final day transformed into a potent people’s movement sending shockwaves all the way to Islamabad, to the corridors of power and then ultimately to the Presidency. It was the sheer size of the crowd on that day which forced the people at helm to agree to the restoration of judiciary.

    I can understand the reasoning behind the comments of Asad about our protests being violent. And I would agree with Nirma that there is a fine line between courage and violence. I wish that our people when protesting on streets can remember this distinction and do not resort to ‘violence’ and destruction of public and private property.

    Yes, restoration of judiciary is a great thing which is happen in our country. However, still one of the biggest ailment afflicting our country is the absence of rule of law. Like elsewhere, corruption is rampant in our courts and legal system thus denying and delaying justice to the common man. The real test of the restored judiciary would be how it can purge this corruption, dispense justice without any fear or favour, and thus bring smile to the millions of hapless and beleagured Pakistanis.

  4. Aamir Al says:

    What exactly positive resulted from the lawyer movement of 2007 ? That Zardari the crook is President, or that Nawaz Sharif, another crook is a leader, or that hypocrite PCO judges like Iftikhar Chaudhry are sitting on the bench ? I don’t see any real democracy, or justice being delivered to Pakistani nation today because of this lawyer movement and judges.

    The emotional Pakistani nation were taken for a ride by political parties who showed them the usual “grass is greener on other side”, with the result that political parties are enjoying the fruits while legal systems remains as corrupt, slow and dysfunctional as before.