Posted on December 5, 2009
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40 responses to “PPP Finds its Wasi Zafar: “Corruption is Our Political Right!””

  1. Ben castle says:

    and letus not cutie pie corruption. we need to remember that these bhola people ….and not bhola…corrupts all have sold the soul of this country to the devil

    and letus not forget corruption go hand in hand with extremism…..both r necessary for each other to create this dangerous smelting pot of blood that our ppl are dying everyday to keep full

    how can we know that bholay corrupt ppl like them r not striking deals with talabaness and doing double games? was he minster of DEFENSE….please someone say NO.

  2. Aziz says:

    Zardari Seeks to Streamline Corruption, Help People of Pakistan

  3. I agree with that. How can we blame these politicians when we people have selected them. Extremism is growing in our country because we are not speaking up against Taliban as one nation. If the media stops showing politicians and work against extremism that would be helfpful.

  4. Hira Mir says:

    are these signs of the end of time or what? We the majority that have been quite for so long have to speak against corruption as well as extremism. While the army people and civilians give away their lives look at these politicians!! Unbelievable!! Crazy!!

  5. Bilal Zuberi says:

    I feel sad saying this but in some ways I wonder if this would be totally acceptable to me if this was the worst problem Pakistan was facing today. This ‘bhola-pan’, so to say, is almost cute and comforting relative to the news of murder and suicide coming out of our dear country.