Posted on January 12, 2010
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29 responses to “Jennifer Musa (1917-2008): The Queen of Baluchistan”

  1. Rehana Safia Abdi says:

    Wow!What a story?
    Adil keep it up for people like us,I knew a bit but not in such detail.
    My son Hashir sent me the story ia Face Book.
    Here I am quoting what Jihad is and means?
    Not the jihad these talibans wage of murder and violence but what God says in the Quran.
    25:52.Aur kufr karnai waloun ka kaha na maan aur is=Quran sai kabira jihad kar.
    Jihad is juhd ie effort=koshish to wipe off all ills from a society by the Quranic verses not going on a killing spree.
    22:78.Wajihadou fi Allah haq e jihad a hee.
    2:218.Wa hajirou wa jihadahou fi sabil Allah.
    Hajirou=hijrat karou Quran mein aur jihad karou Allah ki rah mein Quran ki ayaat sai.
    I wish and pray the Media quotes these Sura:Ayat over and over again to expose these Talibaans and their mentors.

  2. Asma says:

    What a wonderful story.

    Bravo Adil Najam, for letting us know of such a strong and great woman.

  3. Benawa says:

    Good idea Nusrat! But why did you suggest Mira Nair? Why
    not one of our own very talented directors? Shohaib Mansur,
    Maureen Jabbar, Ayesha Khan, and many more…

  4. Proud Pakistani says:

    If only our other Pakistani rulers, politician and PEOPLE in general worked honestly for Pakistan rather than stealing the country’s wealth, torturing the local tribesman especially the opposing tribes, challenged the government forces etc. etc. The list can go on. May be they should learn something from Jennifer Musa.
    What a great woman.