Posted on January 30, 2010
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19 responses to “Prof. Khwaja Masud (1922-2010): Tribute to a Teacher Extraordinaire”

  1. Ajmal says:

    Well I was his student but my younger brother got very close to him.He would always encourage students to consult him for any problems even if they have to visit his home. I had tendency to be scared due to bit hard questioning from him but my brother had courage to face his tough stance and became his very beloved student as he would go to his home being in the same locality in satellite town and remind him his permission to visit his residence.
    May Allah bless this noble soul with all the blessings. I wish If I could communicate with his son Sajjad`Yeldrem who was my class fellow in F.Sc in Gordon College (1963-65). I would be obliged`If somebody could convey my condolence to him or provide his e-mail contact. My e-mail is: “”

  2. Fatima Yamin says:

    OH GOD!

    This is awful….to hear of Prof Khwaja Masud’s demise so many months later…..

  3. Lokesh Singh says:

    He was a grate person, excellent thought & extraordinary talented person = “Khwaja Masud”


  4. Shiv says:

    Deep respects to Prof. Khawaja(May his soul rest in peace) from another Math teacher from across the border. People such as Prof. Khawaja will always remain a source inspiration for us. – Shiv