Posted on February 4, 2010
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70 responses to “Lahore Ring Road Project – Help Us Build This Post”

  1. DHA says:

    thank you for sharing such great information. please some details about DHA Babawalpur

  2. Atif Iqbal says:

    I have added latest Lahore Ring Road Master Plan: ap/

  3. arch says:

    i want to know that which road in LRR(ring road) plan are wiedning and when that plan is execute can you also tell me widening space is taked for widening for road.

  4. PoliticalEconomist101 says:

    The estimate (USD 359) that is given by Nespak is misleading,since the estimate was given a long time back. Taking into account the inflation and depriciation of exchange rate over years , the cost has reached to whooping USD 1.7 billion.The government intends to set up industrial and commercial zones along the ring road, which will boost economic activity in the city and benefit the masses. The problem here is that a great chunk of land surrounding ring road has been acquired by land mafia which will sell it later at huge profit margins only to the advantage of investor class. Hence the benefits intended for masses will accrue to a certain class intersed in profit maximzation and capital accumulation. Government will have no option then to develop the adjacent areas only at the expense of taxpayers.
    It is imperative that govt should carefully oversee the economic agglomeration process along ring road to ensure its positive externalities.