Posted on February 14, 2010
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38 responses to “Mr. President, Mr. Chief Justice, Don’t Make This a Game of ‘Chicken’”

  1. Amna Zaman says:

    @radinglord. Well said. Corruption must be condemned. In a game of cricket or in the hefty amounts being granted by the must criticized U.S.A. The country just signed agreement of $899 million dollars that is almost 75 Billion Pak rupees for the development of this area. If a check n balance system does not exist this money will go to waste or even the funds can be expired.

  2. Ahmed Bashir says:

    Sorry. To add, 17th Amendment was introduced in 2003 (The Constitution (Seventeenth Amendment) Act, 2003). It included laws and acts (inlcuding LFO, after some amendments to it) which were duly ratified by the parliament.

  3. Ahmed Bashir says:


    Sorry Banjara. I quoted wrong article. It is Article 260 Definitions in Chapter 5 of the Constitution. The definition of ‘Consultation’ was added through 17th Amendment (Act III of 2003). The exact wording is as follows:
    “‘Consultation’ shall, save in respect of appointments of Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, mean discussion and deliberation which shall not be binding on the President.”

    It means that it is only the ‘consultation’ in case of appointments of judges of Supreme Court and High Courts which is binding on the President.