Posted on April 2, 2010
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15 responses to “Memo to Hafeez Shaikh: Do Not Be Afriad of Thinking”

  1. Abdul Jabbar says:

    I was really impressed with the view of Mr.Abdul Hafeez Shaikh Minister for Finance Revenue during the budget speech, specially when he has admire the role of his driver. This country is not only culturally rich but fully gifted with the infinite natural sources, there is the only shortage of placing the right people on the right job.The best tool to provide the awareness among the children of country regarding the proper utilization of energy in Pakistan because awareness regarding the proper utilization of energy not only equipped them with the knowledge but also shall be one step ahead towards controlling more wastage ,Now a days the kids are the generation of DOT COM they are their own judges jury and proscutors. An action plan is required to be design with the coordination of Education Department to introduce awareness two to three days workshops/samposium/workshops at each district of Pakistan, and necessary lessions regarding the savings of energy may be included in the primary and secondary/higher secondary level, as the children takes lion share to utilize the energy.

  2. Salman says:

    The real problems are economic and development issues. But no one is paying any attention to them

  3. Watan Aziz says:


    Some of us, who think in democratic ways, care about equity and justice, find the journey flawed. It is the nature of the pathway.

    I love and admire ZAB. But I found him failing too. He let down dreams of millions who believed in him. That still hurts, but I it is OK.

    I love and admire Jinnah. He too made few mistakes, but given the task he had, there are no complaints there. None. Not a single one.

    But those who love usurpers, have nothing but usurpergasams for them.


    It makes me wonder.

    All right, since we are taking statistics. Lets do the numbers some justice.

    Lets make adjustments we know about. Add to ZAB column, the zero he got. Readjust the others to zero for the same base and recalculate the growth rate for the usurpers.

    Now, add another column, the “external assistance” the usurpers got and ZAB never did. Now, readjust and recalculate.

    Finally, add one more column. The kickbacks and the monies cronies got and kept outside or skimmed off the top inside (and we know the numbers) and now readjust. Now, because in the times of Ayub and ZAB, these were paltry sums, but later, oh hooo hooo, they became numbers with trailing zeros that you had to recount the zeros just to make sure you did not omit any. One more time, readjust and recalculate.

    Now, if ZAB is not on the top and out of sight by leaps and bounds, that will be OK. It is not your fault. Your calculator has the “” symbol instead of “=”.

    You see, there are lies and then there are damn statistics. They can be manipulated to show anything you want to or hide any fact you know that exists.

    And we all know that.

    There are two amazing men in Pakistan’s history. Jinnah and ZAB. People work overtime to put them (if not Jinnah, then ZAB for sure) down. When I hear their speeches and watch their footages, it still stirs me up.

    Yes, I love our flawed men of people, by the people and for the people, but not the gang of four usurpers.

  4. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “Mr Hafeez Shaikh should read the book ‘The Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ by Anthony Perkins. And then he and the rest of us can decide on the worth of the IMF, The World Bank and US Aid.”
    – “well i guess they gotta know it all… lolz i mean im not sure they can make independents plans anyhow wid imf karzaaz tht they been taking, whatmore if mr shaikh cant manage all this then he might make a excuse like he has a bank to take care of or sumthing nd leave the place … i mean mr tareen shudnt have been allowed to leave so easily i mean i guess its jus sick i dnt think it wud happen at many other places that some finance minister takes all these steps like mr tareen did and takes up imf loan and then oh i cant manage it all im going i gotta bank to look after i mean what can you expect from these peopls i mean if such behaviour is tolerated then what can 1 say…”
    – “yaar yeh q keh rahay hu is nay tu imf mai nahi phasaya na is nay tu aap ko budget daina hai aur chalaijana hai .Dr hafeez sheikh nay buhat achi perforance di hai is liyey let him priove his self”
    – “we all are responsible for the economical crash,”
    – “we paki’s having number of natural resources but we dont utilize them, why to blame others for our economic crises. We came to world just to buy and eat, as we are capable to produce and sell.”
    – “atleast Musharaf’s team again recognised. no doubt Dr Hafeez is a brilliant chap.”

  5. SGN says:

    Factual point:

    Mr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh’s official title is Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance.