Posted on May 4, 2010
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137 responses to “Who Is Faisal Shahzad?”

  1. Kevin Mark says:

    You may keep saying that there is a consensus because of Pakistan’s role in terrorism inside India. I do think that as a pellet mill factory worker,and it feels like certainly nothing that India’s foreign policy has done can justify the promotion of terrorist organizations and their use against innocent Indian citizens.

  2. It is a pity that ordinary people, like many of the bloggers, throw accusations against entire nations (Indians, Pakistanis…). Remember that when ordinary people are left alone, they do not hurt each other in any massive way. Yes, sometimes people fight over some trivial matter, but no one plans over months terrorist acts, pogroms or wars because his own feelings. Such acts are organized from above by power-hungry leaders who rally gullible masses behind some religious or nationalist slogans.

    Remember: The mass murder of 9/11 was definitely not carried out by Muslim fanatics, but by US military operatives. There is no shred of evidence that any Muslim fanatics boarded any of the airplanes that allegedly crashed on 9/11. The mass murder allowed the US and many governments to participate in a “war on terror”, which is the label used by governments to rally popular masses behind their respective flags, police and armed forces and crush opposition.

    What we need today more than anything else is grass-root solidarity between ordinary people across borders against the ruling elites who meet behind closed doors and attempt to decide the fate of humankind in order to remain wealthy and powerful.