Posted on June 23, 2010
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24 responses to “Going Back to Karachi: Focus on the Children”

  1. Akmal says:

    Majida Tufail says:
    June 23rd, 2010 4:12 pm

    I was in KHI in April, visiting after 5 years. I have told and also written almost the same story as you did. However to me disturbing were not only these kids (will get back to this later on), but also those organised beggars at Tariq Road for instance, where the kids are almost clad the same, and on commando (i observed) put on the show of some disability.

    Many arguments on these posting are false and hence very superficial.

    All these things show the failure of so called “Pakistaniat” because of the failure of the character of many Pakistanis. On the contrary there are many Pakistanis who are still waiting to their country to be “reconstructed” in an American way. Beggars can never be choosers.

  2. Erum says:

    Just saw the video and it is very depressing. We just don’t think about what lives these kids are forced to lead.

  3. Asim says:

    After reading the title of this article, I am too afraid to read this article or comments in it as I fear by reading anything on this page would just drop my heart dead…I hoe and pray there is good news in this… i know am just a total wimp!

  4. Good news Children going back to there home