Posted on July 21, 2010
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25 responses to “Three Cheers for an Undependable Pakistan”

  1. Jamshed says:

    Normal service resumed after the defeat at Nottingham.Kaneria has been sent packing,Muhammad Yusuf has been called back from retirement and Kamran Akmal’s place is still secure after fluffing several catches.

  2. Muhammad Faheem Minhas says:

    This time only luck worked for Pakistan as Pakistani batting was again failed. Batsmen should realized that this is test cricket not 20/20 or one day. They should not try to hit each ball but play sensibly as a team and do not try to create a record.

  3. Meengla says:

    I think it is a shame that Pakistan were not sure to chase down 40 runs with 6 wickets at hand on the last day. That shows a grave lack of confidence and nerves.
    I think Pakistani team needs to be split into two distinct teams: One test team and the other being T20/ODI. Recently retired(?) Capt. M. Yousuf is absolutely correct that T20 format is destroying the temperament of the Pakistani test team performance. Afridi’s retirement from Test may be seen in that context.
    So, a Test team with the inclusion of Younus Khan, M. Yousuf, Asim Kamal (instead of the lousy Shoaib Malik) while a limited-over team with Afridi,Imran Nazir,Razzaq.
    I know, both Younus and Yousuf have been implicated in controversies–but so have many others, including Afridi and Shoaib Malik). Both these ‘Ys’ are the only one capable of wanting to staying for more than 2 hours at the crease. Perhaps, for Pakistan at least, gone are the days of Miandad and Inzimam where players knew that Test cricket was slow chess-game of patience.

  4. Haroon says:

    Thrilled by the victory. But it should never have been this close. 7 wickets for the 180 runs was too much. In many ways one has to be impressed by the Australian discipline for keep fighting.

  5. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Ode to Joy