Posted on July 28, 2010
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20 responses to “List of Passengers on Airblue 202; All Are Presumed Dead in Margalla Hills Crash”

  1. Junaid Ali says:

    Ali Mughal was my College friend. Shocked to know about this, came on this page to verify myself. Still can’t believe it.

  2. Dear All, mughe ye kehte huay bohat dukh ho raha hai k hamary pyare jo is hadse k bad ab ham me nahi rahe.khuda un ko janat-ul-fidos ata farmain.aur un k parents ko sabr ata farmain.jinho ne is jam-e-shahadat ko nosh kia wo aj is dunia main to nahi rahe.but un k naam aj bhi karoro dilo main zinda hain .aise insan hakeekat main nahi mra karte.wo log “Ammar” hua karte hain .
    MR.PREM CHAND ki bary main zra btata challon k prem me rishte main to czn tha but us main bohat si aisi batain hain jo bohat alla thin.prem chand aik to social worker tha.aur apne gharib ki awaz tha.wo tha to aik mazhab me,par wo rehta insaniat k ghar main tha.mohab-e-watan pakistani tha.aur pakistan ka chamkta hua aik sitara tha.last 15 din pehle wo maire sath rahim yar khan city main raha.wo din aj bhi yad ate hain.i am proud of my brother Prem. and i salute who in plane .becoz thay are all human.please God i request you that sab ko janat main jaga daina .kyoon k main janta hon k Khuda kitna mehrban hai.kisi shair ne kaha hai k…..
    mairi pandd gunahwaan di na kholin
    badha rehn devin is bhaar nu tu
    khabti kehnda ! tenu kene puchna a Raba
    je bakhsh davain aik guanahgaar nu tu.

    apni duaon me yaad rakhe unko jo is dunia main nahi rahe.

    Pandit Ashok Kumar
    Rahim yar khan city

  3. zee says:

    Where can I obtain more info about the passengers such as dob…etc?

  4. Junaid Hamid says:

    Dear Saira and Malik:

    I am grateful for ur comments abt my dearest friend, confidant and wife, Andaleeb. She had been the best thing that happened to me in my life…. Life without her is a misery, but our three beautiful boys aged 8, 6 and 3 will inshallah keep me going. Please keep us in your prayers and that Allah give us Sabar and make us Shakir on all that he has given to us and for all that he has taken from us.


    Junaid Hamid

  5. Mohamed Malik says:

    Hi Sara,

    I too once knew Andaleeb, when she was just a college girl, and I, a ten year old. She was a friend of my sister’s and was truly an exemplary girl. I remember the last time I saw her was at my sister’s wedding – she was so excited, dancing about, so full of life.

    I feel for her sons. I too lost a parent at a very young age. It is crippling. May Allah help them recover from this enormous loss and find them the source of guidance and love that their mother would have provided.

    If you have her family’s contact information or address, please do let me know. My e-mail address is