Posted on September 12, 2010
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28 responses to “Merchants of Misery: The Vulgarity of Benevolence and Grievance”

  1. Rizwan says:

    I totally agree. I worry about what these people will get from this vulgar ‘khairat’ for the future.

  2. moniems says:

    Isn’t it high time we start thinking why our country is what it is?

    Going through all the comments above by so many learned and thinking Pakistanis leaves one in a rather worried state of mind.

    Looking at our journey so far after the birth of our nation, and where we stand today, it seems impossible to see which way we are headed; what our future is, and what kind of a country our children will live in. The future, to me at least, does not look very rosy. The most worrying part is how the world is starting to look at Pakistan as a nation.

    In my humble view, all such debates and discussions should lead us to some concrete action. Let us have some ideas for such action.

  3. Naeem Akhtar says:

    **”Don’t give a fish rather teach fishing”**

    I just wish someone comes up with a plan of empowering people, not giving them food but means to earn the food. I am not here to criticize politicians rather I would ask if anyone here has a plan to do something positive.

    @Dr. Adil, you have previously channelized individual efforts at ATP, can you please think on these lines.

    P.S. I have seen “Adopt a Family” program at CIIT already, but they are quite slow in organizing themselves so far, any such program can be planned at ATP