ATP Quiz: How Many Railway Stations in Pakistan?

Posted on November 11, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Can you guess the number of Railway Stations in Pakistan (including abandoned ones)? If you cannot give us an exact number, choose a range. Actually, lets make it a little poll too see what our collective best guess is.

Do please think through your answer. The easy way may be to pour over google searches. But it just may be more fun to go through a logical process of reasoning what the right answer might be.

Of course, we will share the correct answer – and our reason for asking this question – soon.

15 responses to “ATP Quiz: How Many Railway Stations in Pakistan?”

  1. pervaiz says:

    My answer is 501 to 1000 stations. A number of stations / routes of pakistan railways are being closed / abandoned which are our precious asets. pervaiz

  2. M. Imran Akhtar says:

    Dear Owais

    Interesting question – according to my knowledge and record which I am maintaining, the right number of Pakistan Railway’s stations is 957. I collected this number from the Pakistan Railways Time Table of 1984, when most of the current section and stations were operative and the business of Pakistan Railways was in much peak during this time. Interesting thing, never forgotten Narrow guages of Pakistan Railways was also operative, which are Kohat – Thal, Mari-Indus to Laki Marwat – Bannu – Tank and Quetta-Bostan-Zhob (Fort Sandeman). Interesting to know that during this thime in 1984 Karachi Circular Railway was also opererative with very good results.

    In 2010 Pakistan Railways station’s number is reduced to 656 after the closure of so many section and stations. I am very much sad to see the current condition of Pakistan Railways.
    Due to the negligence of current democratic government, this organziation is going down and down, day by day. Can pray only for its revival as it was in 1980 to 1990.

    Best Regards
    M. Imran Akhtar

  3. ikhlaque chan says:

    There must be 1500 to 2000, if one includes all the small stations where the train never stops!

  4. Wasim says:

    I guess if you count the really small ones then it will go up to maybe 200 or even 300. But not beyond. Even if every town had a station then it would be 300 or so. So that is what I chose.

  5. Osman says:

    I like Junaid’s logic. But I think railway stations are more frequent. So I just doubled his estimate. My answer: 201-500.

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