Posted on November 11, 2010
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15 responses to “ATP Quiz: How Many Railway Stations in Pakistan?”

  1. That is really an interesting question.

  2. Aliya says:

    This is why ATP is such a special place. You guys can take a simple and off the beaten track thing like this and turn that into an interesting discussion that everyone gets involved in. All Things Pakistan, zindabad.

    P.S. I guessed 250.

  3. Raheel says:

    Very interesting. I had never thought of this.
    I guess around 200.
    Aap log kahan say yeh sawal dhond kay laatey ho?

  4. Azmat says:

    I think the number is under 200, just because most stations are old and it was an even more rural country with very few places large enough to have a station. I guess around 180.

  5. Human says:

    Pakistan is at Geo-strategic location in Asia. This gives big opportunities for Pakistan Railways.If it is used for movement of Goods connecting SARRC countries with Central Asia, Afganistan, Iran and may be even to Turkey. There will be immense benefit to all through this trade. The Government of Pakistan, provincial governments can earn substantial revenue besides Pakistan Railways itself.