Posted on November 26, 2010
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43 responses to “Blasphemy Law: Dominance Without Toleration”

  1. Badar says:

    Linking of the draconian blasphemy law to the Saudis and our mullahs, militants, army and foreign policy makes this blog a fascinating and informative read.

  2. readinglord says:

    I am a lay man knowing little of the legal intricacies of jurisprudence but I wonder whereas there is much stress on omission in the LB about intention of the accused, called mens rae in legal jargon, and rightly so, there is no mention of omission of any provision in the law either to question the bona fide of the accuser. My point is why any dick and harry with ulterior motives, having no genuine cause of action, is given the right to accuse somebody of blasphemy. Perhaps, as it is, even a person like Abulehb can accuse any body of blasphemy against the prophet to get all genuine Muslims exterminated or at least make them go through the tyranny of police and judiciary, which seem to be hand in glove with the theocracy.

  3. Jawwad Riaz says:

    If the above still doesn’t convince you, then please visit wikipedia’s page on “Blasphemy Law” section “Selected Cases” for even more horrors of this law.