Posted on February 19, 2011
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15 responses to “Remember the Great Flood? Please, Remember.”

  1. Dien Yuen says:

    Hello Prof. Najam,

    Thank you for including Give2Asia on your list of organizations still working on the Pakistan flood relief efforts. I am pleased to share with you and your readers a quick update of our progress to-date.

    We have granted a total of $140,648 to five organizations working on the ground in Pakistan. These organizations are providing relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts. They include (1) KASHF; (2) SAHFR; (3) Indus Resource Centre; (4) Center for Peace and Development and (5) The Asia Foundation Pakistan.

    In addition, we are still fundraising and working with several prospective donors so we hope to increase our support shortly.

    After the funds have been expended, our grantmaking process requires that grantees report back on the use of the funds. We will then provide a summary report on our website for donors and others who wish to be updated on our work.

    We appreciate the may donors that have supported our efforts thus far but yes, all of us can always do more.

  2. Here is the updated link for Give2Asia’s work supporting flood-affected areas of Pakistan.

  3. smssr84 says:

    the updated link of Humanity first:

    they are still in the field and workind hard……

  4. I have a collection of few flood pictures of Nowshera. I can share them with Mr Najam if needed.

  5. Rahman says:

    Thank you ATP for reminding us and also for the new donation you have made. You make us proud.