Posted on March 6, 2011
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33 responses to “Balochistan, We Do Not Know You!”

  1. Urdu Poetry says:

    Baluchistan should be given what it deserves and the Lords should be given what THEY deserve…
    The girls are so very idiot in the last shots proudy and ugly that….

  2. Vigilant says:

    The comments left by trolls, for example the one about “beggar state Pakistan” contribute nothing to the discussion and leave one wanting to puke. I swear I have read the same comment elsewhere from an Indian too and I wonder why this particular comment was included. Perhaps that was an inadvertent error. I suggest the admins exercise some discretion and do NOT include every inflammatory comment they get, especially from people claiming to be someone who they are not.

  3. lida says:

    As a Pakistani I am shocked to see the stupidity of the Pakistani public interviewed. This only confirms to me that until there is a revolution in Pakistan. Pakistan will cease to exist in 20 years.