Posted on March 12, 2011
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27 responses to “Devising a Growth Strategy for Pakistan (6): Pakistan’s Education Emergency”

  1. S.Syed says:

    Very informative report with statistical data support, I must say and very directive towards the root cause of our problem which is even bigger than the floods at present and ongoing disaster since many years. I am calling it a disaster because of the implications of poor planning so far shared in this article and problems due to negligence in many areas requiring educational development. In my opinion the most important issue that we have to look at is “why are we in a state that we are in?” and ” how to fix it?”. Many of us address to the first need that we need to know why we are in this state and what has cause this decline in educational standards and its provision. Lots of causes and their effects have been discussed about educational emergency in Pakistan and reforms required at grass root till the federal and local government level. I will emphasize on two areas to cope with current situation first is to provide primary education to children specially in rural areas , second to invest in Teacher’s Development and then towards follow up and support (the word accountability seems more political) to help improvement in primary education and Teachers development.

  2. Shamsa says:

    Education is our biggest challenge but until this security situation is tackled nothing will happen