March 23, 2011: Match Mubarak, Pakistan. Thank You, Bangladesh.

Posted on March 23, 2011
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Adil Najam

Pakistan Day Mubarak, Pakistan. World Cup Mubarak, cricket lovers (the ‘real’ World Cup really started today with the first knockout stage match, between Pakistan and the West Indies). And, hopefully, very soon, Match Mubarak, Pakistan.

The game is still being played as I write this. But Pakistan is off to a great game and hopefully on its way to a comfortable victory. A fitting way to celebrate Pakistan Day. And a fitting gift on Pakistan Day to all Pakistanis.

A sincere thank you from all Pakistanis to an awesome Bangladeshi crowd. Their support and sportsmanship was astounding. Indeed, there has to be tension and bitter memories for some. And those need to be honored and addressed. But to see the support and love for the Pakistan team around the ground today was a good feeling. Maybe even a better feeling than Pakistan doing so well on the field.

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  1. Tufail Khan says:

    To beat WI in Bangladesh on the eve of national day of pakistan is a wonderful experience the team pakistan has given a gift to the nation.The support of Bangladeshi crowd is priceless.Thanks Banglas

  2. Abbasi says:

    What a win.. congratulations..

    I would love to see India lose at least once in next 2 games..

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    Cricket unites Pakistan. A cricket vicrtory is one event where people forget all their petty differences and unite. This is quite obvoios from the news of celebration pouring in from every big and small city of Pakistan across all provinces and regions.

    Congratulations to Pakistan team on winning the quarter finals :)

  4. Meengla says:

    I actually felt sorry for the once-mighty West Indies today. You see, I have seen their dominance in the 70’s and 80’s and the only cricket game I ever physically attended was in Karachi (some time in the 80s’) where they bundled up the whole Pakistani team in a quick manner to make a very, very brief ODI. How sad I was, as a young boy, not getting my ‘money’s worth’. Ha ha ha!
    Seriously, I was sad for WI today. I hope they recover. Of course when Gayle started blasting the balls I was getting nervous. Still..I wish WI the best and Pakistan the BESTEST!

    I too am nervous about playing against India in the Semi. There is this jinx which says that Pakistan has never beaten India in a world cup contest. Still..for the sake of the glory of the sports, for the millions of throbbing hearts, an India-Pakistan Semi inside India is the ultimate tantalizing cricket experience to me.
    So, good luck to India against the Aussies!

  5. Faisal says:

    India… coz it is tricky to play a team twice in a tournament and win both games. Pakistan have kept things simple so far – except the last 5 overs against NZ and Akmal’s keeping – keep it that way and win the big moments in the game.

    I heard Rafael Nadal saying, “If I think about the trophy, I will never win it – most tennis matches today are decided on a few points so I focus on every point.”

    Most Cricket matches involving top teams are decided on a few big moments, Imagine if Afridi had dropped Gayle today – thank God he didn’t.

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