March 23, 2011: Match Mubarak, Pakistan. Thank You, Bangladesh.

Posted on March 23, 2011
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Adil Najam

Pakistan Day Mubarak, Pakistan. World Cup Mubarak, cricket lovers (the ‘real’ World Cup really started today with the first knockout stage match, between Pakistan and the West Indies). And, hopefully, very soon, Match Mubarak, Pakistan.

The game is still being played as I write this. But Pakistan is off to a great game and hopefully on its way to a comfortable victory. A fitting way to celebrate Pakistan Day. And a fitting gift on Pakistan Day to all Pakistanis.

A sincere thank you from all Pakistanis to an awesome Bangladeshi crowd. Their support and sportsmanship was astounding. Indeed, there has to be tension and bitter memories for some. And those need to be honored and addressed. But to see the support and love for the Pakistan team around the ground today was a good feeling. Maybe even a better feeling than Pakistan doing so well on the field.

30 responses to “March 23, 2011: Match Mubarak, Pakistan. Thank You, Bangladesh.”

  1. symk says:

    It was very generous of Bangladesh crowd to support pakistan so enthusiastically. I am pleased that Imran Khan is the first politician who has demanded an official apology to people of Bangladesh for the atroticities committed during the Army action in 1971

  2. Charsee says:

    Do you know why people do drugs? so that they can forget about their problems, so that they don’t have to face them, and while the nasha lasts, they are happy, friendly and united…..

    And when they don’t get their nasha… they will be angry, kaat khanay ko doRain ge, no respect to others, will kill, will maim, will give gaali gloch…. and I think you all know what else.

    Please come back to the reality, and stop doing “drugs”.

  3. More comments from the ATP Facebook Paeg:

    – “Wow! Winning a match in Shar-e-Bangal Stadium on 23rd March, 2011 – the very Shar-e-Bangal who announced the Resolution of Pakistan on 23rd March, 1940.”
    – “I hope Pakistan play with India, Pakistan can’t beat Australia twice.”
    – “Pak vs ind”
    – “indeaaaaaaaaa”
    – “Pak can beat aus twice no problem but pak vs india wil be more intresting”

  4. Faraz says:

    Let’s not forget the Sri Lankan crowd! Our group games in Sri Lanka were like playing in front of a home crowd. Unfortunately, during the post-match ceremony the Pakistani players thanked Pakistani supporters but forgot to thank the local crowd.

    Thank you Bangladesh and Thank you Sri Lanka!

  5. Congratulations Pakistan on Qualifying for the Semi Finals in ICC World Cup 2011.

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