Posted on April 11, 2011
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13 responses to “What is the Weather in Pakistan Like?”

  1. Hameed says:

    Very interesting and unusual post. This is type of stuff that makes ATP innovative and special. Actually much more useful than all the political babble people are always doing.

  2. SM says:

    Another thing is …

    One cannot determine or have a real “feel” of weather in Pakistan without actually experiancing it. While being in one big city, sometimes you actually experiance two or more weathers within that same city. So these statistics are good for averages only. Sometimes even in Multan you can have a hail strom in june and can actually feel cold for some time. Mardan can be the hottest in summer with around 50c+, and there can be snow there in winter.

    I wonder if there would be any other country with such diverse weather as we have. We really are blessed. Wish we could be thankful as well.

  3. SM says:

    A better description then would be ….

    You can have ALL the worldly possible weathers in Pakistan along which you can find anywhere in the world.

    From coldest to hotest, from dryest to wettest, clear skies to extensive fog, burning skys to freezing snow. Yes we have it all and everything in the medium range as well. Alhamdullillah.