Posted on June 3, 2011
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15 responses to “Budgetary Performance: Finance Minister v. Parliamentary Opposition”

  1. Afshan Malik says:

    Poor performance by the government all around:

  2. bilal says:

    Dont we know this present lot will never and can never solve our problems, let me tell you, our problems have only one solution whose name is imran khan, we must support him and he is the one who can solve the problems of this nation: mran-khan-only-choice.html

  3. Shez says:

    Poor performance by the opposition. I was expecting a lively session. It appeared they did not have plans for a full blown circus. Or they did not want to because they are “friendly” opposition? It would have been fun had they stopped the minister from continuing his speech and caused a major ruckus.

    And those so-called west lovers should know that opposition protests cross many boundaries in our neighboring country. Heck, I have even seen Japanese and Korean sessions with full fights and shoe throwing. It was pretty lame yesterday. PML-N, you have disappointed us. Totally killed the fun.

  4. Nihari says:

    Take any democracy and please dont go to the Western capital becuz the roots over there goes hundred of years….or go to their earlier year…In pakistan democracy is in its infancy…Let it go through the learning curve.

  5. ASAD says:


    I am sorry, Nihari, but India is really not the ‘model’ for democracy, even for Pakistan. Sure India has had a rickety democracy that I would have loved in Pakistan, but most straight minded Indians will themselves point out that India’s Lallo Prasad ‘democracy’ is not the ideal for anyone to follow….

    Again, this is not standard India bashing stuff, this is about understanding what democracy is. India will I am sure get there, and probably before Pakistan, but it ain’t the model. So, if you want to understand democracy maybe we should start someplace better. Democracy without civility and tolerance may be better than autocracy, but only slightly. And it is incomplete democracy.