207,744,520 Pakistanis

Posted on August 25, 2017
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Single best policy news coming out of Pakistan in a long time is that the country has finally completed a census.

What is now Pakistan (then West Pakistan) was 33.7 million people in 1951. Today it holds 207.7 million Pakistanis.

According to schedule this should have been Pakistan’s 11th census. Instead it was the 6th. It came 19 years after the last census (1988) instead of the scheduled 10 year gap. The last census itself had come after a 17 year gap (1981 and 1998).

134,714,017 Pakistanis in 1998. 207,744,520 today. Khuda khair karey!

It took a Supreme Court suo moto action to get the census done. And, of course, it took the military.

Lots to think about here. And not just the numbers. Hope we do think!

(Based on tweets by @adilnajam)

5 responses to “207,744,520 Pakistanis”

  1. kamran says:

    population are increasing

  2. Qamar Yazdani says:

    Too bad this has become political without any reason. Our politicians will make a joke out of everything.

  3. Aliya says:

    Do you think the census was fair?

  4. Saqib says:

    Great. Increase in Muslim population can give nightmares to trump. Lol

  5. Pakistaniat says:

    Some interesting comments on this on Twitter:

    That's out of control. Like 207.8M? Come on people, stop having too many kids, it's gonna kill you all. 👪🚨 https://t.co/6DMzMMb4oq— Umer Rana (@iumer_rana) August 25, 2017

    57% #population growth in 1998-2017 is big deceleration in #Pakistan pop growth compared to 100% increases in 1951-72 and 1972-98. #Census— Riaz Haq (@haqsmusings) August 25, 2017

    With decline trends in health & education this population is biggest curse. Time to adopt some serious population measures. https://t.co/F4HXusk1cw— Khaula Walayat (@IKhaulaWalayat) August 25, 2017

    Wow that's a lot of people! Now it's time to deliberate on informed policy interventions with these numbers… https://t.co/ElrvlUBgIp— Malik M. Uzair Khan (@MMUzairK) August 25, 2017

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