207,744,520 Pakistanis

Posted on August 25, 2017
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Single best policy news coming out of Pakistan in a long time is that the country has finally completed a census.

What is now Pakistan (then West Pakistan) was 33.7 million people in 1951. Today it holds 207.7 million Pakistanis.

According to schedule this should have been Pakistan’s 11th census. Instead it was the 6th. It came 19 years after the last census (1988) instead of the scheduled 10 year gap. The last census itself had come after a 17 year gap (1981 and 1998).

134,714,017 Pakistanis in 1998. 207,744,520 today. Khuda khair karey!

It took a Supreme Court suo moto action to get the census done. And, of course, it took the military.

Lots to think about here. And not just the numbers. Hope we do think!

(Based on tweets by @adilnajam)

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  1. What a good point you raised. If you can’t carry on with the census then how can you measure what’s wrong with the population?NTS results and NTS roll No slips.

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