The Best Coke Studio Song of the Year?

Posted on August 31, 2017
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Is this the single best Coke Studio song of this year? Maybe of many recent years? It may well be. Give it a listen.

Saw it on Twitter in a tweet by Assad Hasanain (@LeftArmAround ), whom I do not know and had not heard of before.

An apt commentary to Coke Studio, I thought. But turns out there is more.

His profile links to his SoundCloud account with some very interesting songs.

Maybe, Coke Studio should really take a serious listen. Fun and funky – isn’t that what this was supposed to be about?

4 responses to “The Best Coke Studio Song of the Year?”

  1. zaheer alam kidvai says:


  2. ZAHRA TAYYAB says:

    Good work :-)

  3. Amber says:

    Yes, this has been a really bad year in Coke Studio. But you can’t expect great songs every time. Be kind to them.

  4. Syed says:

    Very funny. Except, it is also true. Ha ha.

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