1965 War: A Different Legacy

Posted on September 6, 2007
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Athar Osama Today, over a hundred and fifty million Pakistanis celebrate the 42nd Defense of Pakistan Day. It was 6th of September 1965 when Pakistan’s armed forces faced off against India’s in the first full-scale war between the two countries. Much to the credit of the brave men (and women) in uniform that day–and for […]

7-Habits of Highly Dispensable Political Leaders

Posted on August 26, 2007
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Athar Osama One of things that I’ve often said in my writings (and otherwise) about Pakistan’s sometimes messy and often uninspiring politics is that it is one dominated by personalities rather than issues. In Pakistan, personalities, in the absence of checks and balances, have often become bigger than institutions with the result that we have […]

Guest Post by Athar Osama, The idea of Study Circles to promote ‘informed’ community participation in decision-making originated in Sweden in the 19th Century. Today, study circles are used around the world in a host of different settings ranging from collaborative ‘self-education’ devices to motivate learning and learning from each other, to a to means […]