Mohammad Ayaz Abdal Pakistan can proudly boost of having one of the oldest and the most organized caste systems in the world. This system always drew interest from the ancients to the recent sociologists. Plutarch and Homer studied it and made it a part of their ancient doctrine. Chankiya and Machiavelli added its necessary components […]

Karachi’s Forgotten Chapters of History

Posted on February 19, 2010
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Mohammad Ayaz Abdal I have always been interested in the history of this city. Karachi is a relatively a new city by the Subcontinent standards. In fact, this city is in its infancy compared with thousands of years of history associated with some of the other cities. An excellent article has been written for ATP […]

Nihari…Passions and Traditions

Posted on January 7, 2010
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Mohammad Ayaz Abdal It was a very captivating scene. My friend Andrew, a born Britisher who as a kid moved to Canada, eating Nihari with full zeal and devotion…..and this was his first time. I never thought that anybody from this part of the world can not only taste Nihari but also enjoy it. This […]