As you might have noticed, the front page of ATP features various ‘splash photographs’ related to Pakistan. We rotate these periodically; sometimes to reflect the current content, but often for aesthetics.
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The purpose of this page is to express our gratitude to and give due credits to those whose photographs have been used in these headers. There is an amazing wealth of photographic talent in Pakistan and you can find it all over the Internet; we did!We are very thankful to all of you for the wonderful work you are doing and this page is a tribute to all of you. We also want to invite you to submit headers for ATP, if appropriate we will use them with due credit (scroll to the very bottom of the page).Our collection of headers is displayed in the thumbnails below. Clicking on an image will take you to the source of the image. In a few cases we do not have sources available; please help us identify the sources so we can give due credit.

Please help us design new headers

We invite our readers to submit their own headers for ATP to consider. We cannot promise, but if the quality and content is appropriate for ATP we would love to use them. Please use the Feedback page if you have header ideas; or email header to

Header submissions should be at least 500px in width, ideally in ‘landscape’ format, the photographic quality should be high, and the file size should be reasonable (less is good). In general, we like pictures that depict ‘everyday’ Pakistan. Please do NOT add any words or title to the header. Normally, we stay away from obvious symbols (flags, Minar-i-Pakistan, etc.) simply because we want to reserve these for special occasions only.

Beyond that, if you spend some time on ATP you will get a sense of the type of graphics we like.