Pakistanis Die. Pakistanis Cry. Yet Again.

Posted on September 13, 2008
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Adil Najam

This was another bad week for Pakistanis. Our closest international ally continued bombing our territory. The self-style custodians of our morality kept up the indiscriminate killing of our citizen. One of our most popular television show anchors incited murder in the name of religion through television.

Once again, this was a week when  Pakistanis died. Pakistanis cried.

The political machinations in the country continue to be a distraction that is keeping many, too many, glued to the soap opera quality twists and turns in the story of Pakistan’s tortured democratic experiment. But the real story in the country remains what it has for the last two years: a divided society which is at war. Niether the self-styled custodians of our internal identity nor our self-styled freinds abroad seem to be helping. Indeed, they keep making things worse for Pakistanis everywhere.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis continue to die. Pakistan continues to cry.

Whether it is pre-US-election posturing or a deeper shift in US policy, it is clear that the American forces have increased their military incursions into Pakistani territory. Beyond the fact that this is clearly a violation of the sovereign territory of a country they claim to be their ‘closest all,’ one cannot even imagine what the strategic logic of these incursions could possibly be since each incursion only strengthens the hand of the extremist elements that are supposedly after, angers Pakistani public opinion, and pushes the Pakistan goevrnment into a tighter corner. There is no real evidence that they have hit any important militant target but innocent Pakistanis, including children, women and even Pakistani soldiers have certainly been killed; 15 killed this Wednesday; 12 more on Friday.

Meanwhile. Pakistanis continue to die. Pakistan continues to cry.

Meanwhile, the merchants of murder and mayhem thrive even more in this condition and continue their war against Pakistan. Indeed, they seem now to be targetting the places of worship themselves. Only today an alleged suicide bomber was caught in Islamabad. On Thursday, 25 died in a grenade attack at a mosque in the Banai area of Dir during taraweeh prayers. Last Saturday, even as Asif Ali Zardari was being elected President, 31 people were killed and another 81 others injured as a suicide bomber blew himself and his vehicle up at the Zangali police post at Kohat Road, Peshawar.

Meanwhile. Pakistanis continue to die. Pakistan continues to cry.

And those who one might have wanted to bring calm and lessons of peace, are themselves engrossed in preaching hate, and in this case murder, to mass audiences. On September 7, Aamir Liaquat Hussain – GEO TV’s popular religious talk-show anchor, former MQM Minister, a holder of multiple fake degrees, and religious instigator extraordinaire – in his GEO TV Show Alim Online presided over a long discussion instigating that those holding Ahmadiyya beliefs were ‘wajib ul qatl’ (i.e., liable to death). The next day, Dr. Abdul Mannan Siddiqi – a 46 year-old Ahmadi in Mirpurkhas and a US-trained cardiologist who had retruned to work in his community – was murdered in broad daylight while working at his local hospital. The next day, Seth Muhammad Yousuf of Nawabshah was also murdered brutally. Whether there is a direct link between the two or not, the preaching of hatred and the practice of hatred both thrive in our land of the pure.

Meanwhile. Pakistanis continue to die. Pakistan continues to cry.

One sits here, shaken by sadness at this waste of human life, and wonders: at how many hands and for how many reasons should Pakistanis die? How long must Pakistan cry?

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97 responses to “Pakistanis Die. Pakistanis Cry. Yet Again.”

  1. ASAD says:

    Thoughtful writeup. Whether it is American drones or the mullah’s bombs, at the end it is Pakistanis who die. What a sad state we have reached.

  2. Anwar says:

    Pakistan suffered a big brain drain during Bhutto’s time when Ahmedis were killed after they were declared non-muslim… that madness reverberates even now and it may happen again with Shias… What will be left behind is a rotten mess of jehadis . The earlier they are ruthlessly controlled the better it will be for the country.
    But let us not blame the uneducated Talibans only … this guy ALH is a part of “educated” intelligensia… and equally poisnous and deadly.. They too need to be passified along with their bakers…

  3. libertarian says:

    American forces have increased their military incursions into Pakistani territory. Beyond the fact that this is clearly a violation of the sovereign territory of a country …

    By almost any definition, it’s actually a declaration of war.

  4. Eidee Man says:

    Sad state of affairs. Like I always say, the PPP and the PML might be crooks, but they’re not cold-blooded killers like the MQM.

  5. ASAD says:

    Eidee Man, on this one as the link shows Aamir Liaquat was kicked out of MQM quite a while ago.

    Even the MQM cannot stand a joker like him, what I cannot understand is why and what type of people have actually made him such a star.

  6. ASAD says:

    By the way, the GEO as well as the News page still has promotion for this idiot and his Alim on Line. He is a cheat, a liar, and a really dangerous fanatic who should not be on the air, let alone promoted like this.

    I really think we should all write to GEO and The News to remove him from there. Really.

  7. I think this is time to unite and show them that WE ARE A NATION!

    I request to all blogs and bloggers to come ahead and start campaign against US attacks on Pakistan… here-are-you-all.html

  8. Farman says:

    Bhai, Pasta Sahib, you don’t become a “nation” by saying it, you become by doing it. Look at the numbers, more Muslims are being killed by these so-called Muslims than by anyone else. We have to also control this Mulsim killers who call themselves Muslims. Bhai, when you are weak and divided and ridden by enemies of Pakistan from within Pakistan then the outsiders will always act aggressive to you. First we have to get rid of these mullahs and jahils who are killing Muslims everyday.

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