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Posted on June 6, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Made in PakistanLiving outside Pakistan, any subtle or obvious reference to Pakistan, naturally catches our attention and make us feel proud.

In US at least I’ve noticed that if you go to any large retail place, you are guaranteed to see at least two items related to Pakistan. One is a made in Pakistan ‘soccer ball’ and other are the music CDs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Occasionally one also comes across textile items from Pakistan.

Recently I’ve also seen books related to Benazir Bhutto seMade in Pakistanlling in front shelves of book stores across US, Canada and China. I am sure same is the case in many other countries too.

Tonight I was walking with my family in a large retail store in rural Missouri when we came across this whole section of towels which were made in Pakistan (see both photos). I was happily surprised and bought one.

What items have you seen with ‘Made in Pakistan’ label?

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36 responses to “Made in Pakistan”

  1. Patriot Pakistani says:

    T-shirts in Blue Navy. I’ll continue to shope there until I’ll seem um…..

  2. lazybones says:

    ‘Professional hairdressing scissors’ at Boots. I bought them just because it said ‘made in Pakistan’ but unfortunately didnt work as well as I was hoping it to. Also found the similar thing at much cheaper rate elsewhere. Well, I’ll keep it as a souvenir!

  3. Adeel says:

    Recently I got hand printed duvet, made in Pakistan, made me a happy Pakistani-American.

  4. ShahidnUSA says:

    Used to love seeing surgical instruments “made in Pakistan”
    Lately they ‘ve been taken over by made in China. Why?
    Dont answer that. I know the reason.
    Right now I am in a rush but later I would comment on the quality of the Tshirts “made in pakistan” that I tried in the mall.

  5. Aamir Ali says:

    Many Made in Pakistan T-Shirts can be found in Sears, Goody’s, JC Penney, Walmart and Kmart. Some are good quality, others are not. I always seek out Made in Pakistan stuff when I go clothes shopping, and buy it if it is nice and good price.

  6. Hamood says:

    T-shirts, shirts, socks, underwear, pants, towels and many other textile products. tweezers, scissors etc. Spices, eastern drinks etc. Soccer, volleyballs etc.

  7. Dr. Haider says:

    I am a scientist and we have tweezers that are “Made in Pakistan” in our lab. We have three kinds of tweezers one that are Swedish and the others are made in USA and Pakistan. It feels good to see a product that is comparable to Swedish and USA product. Pakistani tweezers are lot cheaper than the other two. Ofcourse there is a difference in quality but not as much as is the difference in price that is why I guess Pakistani surgical instruments are surviving.

  8. Owais Mughal says:

    Dr. Haider, i also had a similar experience as yours. In one of my previous jobs, all the tweezers used in our lab had ‘Pakistan’ written on them. They were most likely the product of Wazirabad.

    Once I was talking to a veterenarian from Thailand who told me that cheapest (price wise) surgical instruments for their animal clinic came from Pakistan

  9. Suleman says:

    You guys forgot bedsheet, linens are really spurring up and mostly all made in pakistan even for branded ones like wamsutta, Hillfiger etc.
    It’s nice to see .

  10. Zafar says:

    I have seen bed sheets and other related cotton items in IKEA in Dubai. In addition to this now a days one can find Mangoes in summer and Kinnos in Winter.

  11. iceCube says:

    Basmati rice from Pakistan are quite common on the shelves of local Safeway and Coles. These are usually the most expensive category of rice.

    Despite seeking cheapest deals on most other food items (I am a student here in Melbourne), when it comes to rice there is no alternative!

  12. Eidee Man says:

    …big, plastic storage boxes in Biology labs…

  13. Okha_Jatt says:

    Hmmmm, I just bought a 5 kg pack of basmati rice from Pakistan. Actually, the safeway has three- four different varieties of Pakistani basmati rice. A few days back, I bought a bedsheet from safeway and it was also made in Pakistan.

    About surgical goods from Pakistan, the place is Sialkot. You can find a small workshop making surgical goods just around every corner in Sialkot. Most of the stuff is prepared as OEM. So, Pakistani manufacturers don’t put the made in engravings. European importers(mostly in Germany and Nordic countries) buy this material and stamp it as their own and sell it as their own product. To some people, it may feel strange but yes this happens.

  14. Tahir Iqbal says:

    I felt really proud when one day i was to buy mangoes in Southall london and shopkeeper said, “Lay lo bhai sahib, ye asli Pakistani chonsa aam ha, Indian nahi”.

  15. well although I will be prouder when I see ‘MADE IN PAKISTAN’ Engineering Products and Aeroplanes but
    Barcelona, Spain – I witnessed a huge Pakistani Presence and good things is that these were poor Pakistani(s) sending foreign exchange back. The number I varified from our Embassy in Madrid, Spain was 43,000+ LEGAL PAKISTANIS in SPAIN – illegal – I don’t know. Interesting thing is that Pakistani(s) had took over many places and are respected in Catlonia, Spain.
    2 5 star hotels in Barcelona are owned by Pakistanis from Gujrat – we all know who they are ? right? the Q’s and C’s…

    Anyhow I witnessed
    Pakistani Weapons in Congo and Sudan apart from textiles..
    Pakistani Furniture in Europe..
    Almost 1/3 of the fish imported in the UK from Pakistani Waters
    Recently my clients in Pak – got a order to make a million base ball caps from Walmart..
    and more..

  16. bugs bunny says:

    never saw anything made in Pakistan in France.Even rice packets have Indian brands.mangoes are impored from Mexico and kinos from Spain.Any Pakistani exporter reading the comment , do something about that as I believe a huge market is yet to be explored here .

  17. ShahidnUSA says:

    In Barcelona, Spain there is a street called Rambla (tourist spot), where pakistani youth ( usually hang out in groups) are selling beer. Some carrying six packs.
    A dollar a beer. I am no angel
    and a product of pakistan myself, did nt appreciate this hide and seek between ` local police, and these young men (very often end up in jail) who are searching for a bright future on a wrong path.

  18. Munda Sailkoti says:

    Actually there are many products made in Pakistan for export. It is our damned political uncertainty and religious frenzy of the fanatics that keeps companies from doing more. But what is already being done is quite impressive. Sailkot, in particular, is really a place that manufactures for the export market which is why they have built a new airport for themselves. You should write about that.

  19. Tina says:

    I recently bought some ladies’ shirts from Pakistan that were really nice, featuring good facing and doublestitched hemming, both things that are usually lacking. I also got two pair of fancy embroidery scissors from our local “big box” store and saw when I unpackaged them that they were from Pakistan. These scissors are a speciality item, very small, fine and super-sharp. Later I checked and noticed that all the types of scissors of that major brand are made in Pakistan.

    I used to import costume jewelery and candleholders from Karachi and Multan. The jewelery makers were Bombay Jewelers in Saddar market. They replicated antique pieces in inexpensive metals such as copper with colored glass for the jewels. Sounds terrible but the result was so gorgeous! They were looking to expand their market and I was going to get a lot more from them, but then I had my baby (this was ten years ago). All I have to say is, their jewelery was my best seller and I still have pieces that I wear.

    The Multan pottery works (government workshop) had such beautiful things–the killer was and is shipping costs for the heavy potteries. But the quality was perfect. I also got some very beautiful rosewood candleholders.

    Oh yes, I also ordered several hundred of simple purses made in Karachi and they sold out right away .

    Everyone who worked with me was generally honest and helpful. There was no punctuality but this was not the sellers’ fault. There was at that time frequent strikes and power outages and workshops in Orangi were shut down for hours every day. During that time Pakistan lost a big deal with Goodrich Tire Co. worth millions of dollars because of the instability.

    Pakistani merchants have a lot to offer and I’m glad to see that they are beginning to pull off export deals with the big players like Wal-mart.

    Oh and Bugs Bunny–Mexican mangoes? In France? Really? Ugh–the best mangoes ever are from Iran (sorry Pakistan!) and I’m surprised they shipped the crappy mangoes all the way from Mexico. Pakistani, Indian, and Iranian mangoes are usually abundant in Europe, although you can’t get all of the 200 varieties of course. Hope you find them soon :)

  20. Eidee Man says:

    What about more “advanced” stuff (not to put down other important things already mentioned). I wonder if there are other things along the lines of Invisalign.

  21. Aamir Ali says:

    Eidee Man:

    I am afraid I have never seen anything advanced from Pakistan. The stuff I have bought consists mostly of textiles and sporting goods, and I have seen instruments used in bathroom and in dentistry, surgery etc. I have never seen an electronic or mechanical device, or a toy that was made in Pakistan.

  22. Asma says:

    salaam , living in the uk, i was pleasently suprised to find clothes labels with “made in pakistan” on it.. and the colour didnt run when it was washed!!

  23. Eidee Man says:

    Aamir, Invisalign is one example; alas, it’s not manufactured in Pakistan anymore (look up the story, it’s quite interesting).

  24. Sufi says:

    Being a single college student, I procrastinate on my laundry. This one time I had to be somewhere and I remembered I had no ‘clean’ socks at home. Rushed to the campus bookstore (in Utah, USA) and bought 3 pairs of socks. Pleasantly found out later that they were made in Pakistan. It made my day.

    How can we forget Shan Masala, Rooh Afza, Basmati Rice, Ahmed Saiwayyan & Achaar or Dawn kay Parathay? I usually buy Pakistani food items.

    Some of my t-shirts are made in Pakistan. Some of the clothing brands whose clothes I have seen from Pakistan are IZOD, George (Walmarts clothing range), Nike, American Eagle & Cherokee.

  25. Ali Dada says:

    Aside for typical poor, backward country products, my eyes have starved waiting to see something advanced, manufactured item from Pakistan. I am afraid the day would come where I would start seeing electronic products from India with Pakistan no where in sight.

    One T.V. weighing couple of kgs fetched 100s of dollars worth of export.


    To make 100s of dollars from mangoes, you need to sell much more than couple of kgs.

  26. Aisha says:

    My husband’s jacket was bought here in the USA, NJ to be more precise. It wasn’t until it required cleaning that I checked the labeling to see if it could be washed or had to be dry cleaned. Immediately, I noticed that it was made in Pakistan! A very nice and well-made jacket at that! And, it is machine washable!

  27. jawaria says:

    i work at wal mart. i’m always surprised to see kids clothes, sporting goods, and domestics there that are made in Pakistan. when i go shopping w/my family in JcPenny, Burlingtion Coat Factory, Kohl’s and Macy’s i’m starving to see something that is made in Pakistan. Mostly, i see leather jackets and menswear that is made in Pakistan. i just feel really proud of me, but don’t know why. that is the amazing part of the whole day then.

  28. sultan saeed says:

    does any one know where the brand Hollister made in pakistan? if u you guys do pls email me at…………. thnks

  29. Deb says:

    My son bought some “South Pole” jean shorts at JC Penneys. They are mens shorts. They say made in Pakistan. My question is if anyone knows how to get the overpowering smell out of the material. The odor is so strong even after laundering you can smell them. Any answers???

  30. adeel says:

    Perhaps the washing powder is ‘Made in India’ (!)

    On a serious note, I doubt it’s the material that is at fault. May be the packaging in which it was brought to US had something to do with that.

  31. Obaid Ullah Muhammad says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    If I go to desi stores in Chicago I always prefer to buy products of Pakistan like chapati, paratha, cookies and crakers. And if I go to any retail stores and I find any product made in Pakistan I try to buy them even if I don’t need them. I always try to buy towels and t-shirts made in Pakistan. You will find a lot of different kinds of t-shirts and long-sleeves made in Pakistan so please buy those. I just bought two long-sleeves shirts, they brand was st. johns bay and they are good shirts. One more thing you should do is send comments to the company (who is the suppliers of those shirts) and tell them how much you liked that products, or that “I love Pakistani cotton” etc. That way they will know that people like Pakistani products and they will buy products from Pakistan InshaAllah. I have done this once with NewBalance (NB) when I bought their socks made in Pakistan. Oh yea, you will find socks from Pakistan in every store so please buy Pakistani socks. And don’t forget to leave comments.

  32. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    Hello Gentle buisness community of great Pakistan,
    I’m here in Saudi arabia while I belong to the charsadda,Pukhtoonkhwa.My aim is to comment on the products which pakistan made and in this region as I living in since 2008 I didn’t see any valuable thing here from Pakistan every where you go you will find Indian products which hurt me as a bullet deep in heart.brothers plz do your duty with the zeal of competation and trust building measures.I wanna see here the representing Pakistan as a land of facilitators in each side of life and I’m 1000% sure that we can do it better than any nation in the wht is your response dear countrymen.let me know if I can serve my countory in a better way by e-mail my cell# is +966-54-1480108
    Hope to find good response,wish you all the best for Pakistan.Pakistan zindaBad

  33. I appreciate ur concern and nice words. I live in USA and I know what u r talking about. Here in USA, few years ago there were mostly Pakistani food items but indian food items have taken everything over. u go to any grocery store and you will find all the Desi food items from india. I get so mad and sad. Even things that Pakistan also send to usa, like laal mirch, kaali mirch, jaam jelly etc, indian products are cheaper than pakistan. The only thing that people still buy from Pakistan is shan masala, taza rooti etc. When my parents buy indian products b/c they are cheaper than pakistani, I get so mad and wish I just buy pakistani stuff, I don’t care about money, it is not a big difference of course but what can I do if Pakistani manufacturer don’t care themselves. I e-mailed at least 10 companies in pakistan that send their products to usa and told them what is happening, you will loose all ur business if you don’t try to compete with india. And u know what, onlye Taza replied to my e-mail. shaan, rafhan, lazizah, ahmed, hamdard, leverbrothers pakistan, I e-mailed even more than these and I got only one response. The problem with Pakistanis is that they don’t care about their country, everybody is so jelous from each other that they don’t care if their jeolesy will have negative effect on their country. It looks like just the person in charge, just the owner of a company cares about the company b/c its his company but ppl under him just work for their part of the money and don’t care about the future of the company and country even though that matters to them. We don’t want to see beyond our sight. Here in America, the branches of Pakistani companies don’t try to do anything. Looks like they just have a branch here in usa, get money from Pakistan and that’s it. They don’t want to promote nothing.

  34. lisa turnley says:

    I have a hooded jacket: RH# 110237 vendor code; TRA

    That looks like it could have been made by the DEVIL him self. With skulls, symbols, and lettering that looks satanic.
    I intend to burn it, like the people that make such things, should burn in HELL!
    Be intentional & respectful. What seeds are you planting in our children heads?
    Your days are numbered. So choose carefully how you spend them to make a dollar!

  35. m.karim says:

    Masha’Allah! this is a very good service to take any kind of informations about our great country (Pakistan).

  36. ahmad says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    my name is ahmad zahid. i m living in UAE Dubai right now, from many days before i was thinking that what business should i started in UAE but never know any one. today when i was sitting a thing about chines people then i come to know the business is my beloved country “Pakistan” n the should be “Made In Pakistan” i want to promote my country in international market by supply the original made’s of Pakistan i can remove the distance between our national people living out in UAE by my business so that i can develop my countries name as much as i can please help me n support me in this good will n guide me further in this way that any wholesaler in Pakistan who actually made 100% Pakistani products can contact me at 00971552669007 or e-mail me at:
    we should make our country proud n we should stand with our country n we will successful INSHALLAH.

    thanks & Regards,
    Ahmad Zahid

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