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Posted on June 6, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Made in PakistanLiving outside Pakistan, any subtle or obvious reference to Pakistan, naturally catches our attention and make us feel proud.

In US at least I’ve noticed that if you go to any large retail place, you are guaranteed to see at least two items related to Pakistan. One is a made in Pakistan ‘soccer ball’ and other are the music CDs of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Occasionally one also comes across textile items from Pakistan.

Recently I’ve also seen books related to Benazir Bhutto seMade in Pakistanlling in front shelves of book stores across US, Canada and China. I am sure same is the case in many other countries too.

Tonight I was walking with my family in a large retail store in rural Missouri when we came across this whole section of towels which were made in Pakistan (see both photos). I was happily surprised and bought one.

What items have you seen with ‘Made in Pakistan’ label?

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  1. m.karim says:

    Masha’Allah! this is a very good service to take any kind of informations about our great country (Pakistan).

  2. lisa turnley says:

    I have a hooded jacket: RH# 110237 vendor code; TRA

    That looks like it could have been made by the DEVIL him self. With skulls, symbols, and lettering that looks satanic.
    I intend to burn it, like the people that make such things, should burn in HELL!
    Be intentional & respectful. What seeds are you planting in our children heads?
    Your days are numbered. So choose carefully how you spend them to make a dollar!

  3. I appreciate ur concern and nice words. I live in USA and I know what u r talking about. Here in USA, few years ago there were mostly Pakistani food items but indian food items have taken everything over. u go to any grocery store and you will find all the Desi food items from india. I get so mad and sad. Even things that Pakistan also send to usa, like laal mirch, kaali mirch, jaam jelly etc, indian products are cheaper than pakistan. The only thing that people still buy from Pakistan is shan masala, taza rooti etc. When my parents buy indian products b/c they are cheaper than pakistani, I get so mad and wish I just buy pakistani stuff, I don’t care about money, it is not a big difference of course but what can I do if Pakistani manufacturer don’t care themselves. I e-mailed at least 10 companies in pakistan that send their products to usa and told them what is happening, you will loose all ur business if you don’t try to compete with india. And u know what, onlye Taza replied to my e-mail. shaan, rafhan, lazizah, ahmed, hamdard, leverbrothers pakistan, I e-mailed even more than these and I got only one response. The problem with Pakistanis is that they don’t care about their country, everybody is so jelous from each other that they don’t care if their jeolesy will have negative effect on their country. It looks like just the person in charge, just the owner of a company cares about the company b/c its his company but ppl under him just work for their part of the money and don’t care about the future of the company and country even though that matters to them. We don’t want to see beyond our sight. Here in America, the branches of Pakistani companies don’t try to do anything. Looks like they just have a branch here in usa, get money from Pakistan and that’s it. They don’t want to promote nothing.

  4. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    Hello Gentle buisness community of great Pakistan,
    I’m here in Saudi arabia while I belong to the charsadda,Pukhtoonkhwa.My aim is to comment on the products which pakistan made and in this region as I living in since 2008 I didn’t see any valuable thing here from Pakistan every where you go you will find Indian products which hurt me as a bullet deep in heart.brothers plz do your duty with the zeal of competation and trust building measures.I wanna see here the representing Pakistan as a land of facilitators in each side of life and I’m 1000% sure that we can do it better than any nation in the wht is your response dear countrymen.let me know if I can serve my countory in a better way by e-mail my cell# is +966-54-1480108
    Hope to find good response,wish you all the best for Pakistan.Pakistan zindaBad

  5. Obaid Ullah Muhammad says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    If I go to desi stores in Chicago I always prefer to buy products of Pakistan like chapati, paratha, cookies and crakers. And if I go to any retail stores and I find any product made in Pakistan I try to buy them even if I don’t need them. I always try to buy towels and t-shirts made in Pakistan. You will find a lot of different kinds of t-shirts and long-sleeves made in Pakistan so please buy those. I just bought two long-sleeves shirts, they brand was st. johns bay and they are good shirts. One more thing you should do is send comments to the company (who is the suppliers of those shirts) and tell them how much you liked that products, or that “I love Pakistani cotton” etc. That way they will know that people like Pakistani products and they will buy products from Pakistan InshaAllah. I have done this once with NewBalance (NB) when I bought their socks made in Pakistan. Oh yea, you will find socks from Pakistan in every store so please buy Pakistani socks. And don’t forget to leave comments.

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