Clock Towers of Pakistan

Posted on February 4, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Following is a collection of Clock Tower (ghanta ghar) images from Pakistan. Can you tell us where are they located? Once part of every major public building, Clock towers have now gone out of fashion from modern architecture. For Quiz purposes let us number following images from (1) through (9) starting from top left, then going across and then down the rows. Answers to the quiz are given at the end of this post below.

Hints: The clock Tower photos in this post are from 3 provinces of Pakistan and from 10 different cities. Some Clock Towers may have multiple images included in this post.

We want this to be an educational exercise for all therefore if we have missed any Clock Tower in the photos below then we would like to know about them. We have tried to include both standalone clock towers as well as those which are part of buildings. For Quiz purposes let us number following photo as (10).

Following 2 photos are numbered (11) and (12). Hint for (11) is the name Patras Bukhari and for (12) is Syed Hashim Raza.

Following 2 photos are numbered (13), and (14). The hint for photo (13) is that, it is the same clock tower as number (5) above and it is not located in Punjab province. Therefore if you guessed one right then you got them both correct.

Following 2 photos are numbered (15), and (16). The hint is that both clock towers are located approximately 430 km apart from eachother.

Following 2 photos are numbered (17) and (18). The hint is that they are located atleast 1300 km apart from eachother.

Following 2 photos are numbered (19) and (20). boojho to jaaneN!

Let us number the following photos as (21), (22), (23), and (24). Photo (21) is courtesy of our contributor Pervaiz Munir Alvi while Photos (22), (23) and (24) are courtesy of Roshan Malik . Photos (23) and (24) are also courtesy of Nishtar Rockers N56.

Victoria Tower Jacobabad:

There is an inscription on a wall of this historical monument ,which says:

This Tower was erected by the subscriptions of the Zemindars and other inhabitants of the frontier district, the Hindu panchayat and municipality of Jacobabad and the district local funi board in commemoration of the jubilee of then Queen-Empress. WH.CH was celebrated at Jacobabad on the 16th of February 1887. The design was made and stone work executed under the superintendence of Colonel S.S.Jacob, Executive engineer of the Jeypore State and cousin of the late General John Jacob,C.B. The work was supervised by Rao Bahaudur G.R. Tilaka .L.C.E .Executive Engineer, and D.Herbert , ESO assistant engineer ,P.W.D. The building was opened on the 21st November 1888, by Miss Pritchard, daughter of C.B. Pritchard ,Esq, C.S. C.S.I commissioner of Sind, who presided on the occasion.
R Giles Deputy Commissioner U.S.E

As written above, we want this to be an educational exercise for all of us, therefore feel free to let us know of any other clock towers of Pakistan which we may have missed.

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1. Empress Market, Karachi
2. Faisalabad
3. Hyderabad
4. Merewether Tower, Karachi
5. Cunningham Tower, Peshawar
6. Punjab University, Lahore
7. Sialkot
8. Sukkur
9. Town Hall, Multan
10.Town Hall, Multan
11. Government College University, Lahore
12. KMC building, Karachi
13. Cunningham Tower, Peshawar
14. Town Hall, Multan
15. Lahore Railway Station
16. Sadiq Den High School, Bahawalpur
17. Merewether Tower, Karachi
18. Sialkot
19. Faisalabad
20. Faisalabad
21. Estcourt Tower, Gujranwala
22. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Technology, Topi
23. Nishtar Medical College, Multan
24. Nishtar Medical College, Multan

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